The Big Chill!


Okay, it is now day seven of the big chill in Texas. Snow is still on the ground including sidewalks, driveways, and roads. Little is moving because it is too damn cold. It’s like a layer cake: base of ice, add six inches of snow, cover that with a thin coating of ice, more snow and top it off with more ice. 

Unfortunately, power outages are becoming more frequent and lasting for longer periods of time. Many folks have been without power at all for days on end and some without water.

This is crazy and not supposed to happen in Texas. Oh sure, occasional ice storms, snow, hail and below freezing temperatures, but not all at once and not for a solid week! It’s supposed to be hot, for heaven’s sake.

You know what I think? I think that because so many folks here in Texas have threatened succession from the Union that Rod Sterling, may he rest in everlasting peace, asked God to transport the entire state to Siberia. Seriously, that would account for lack of power, water, sunshine, food in grocery stores, leadership, and so forth. 

I look outside and icicles two to three feet long are hanging from roofs. Twice our birdfeeder resembled a tiffany lamp edged in dangling crystals and had to be brought inside to thaw and add seed. But our birds aren’t dumb or afraid of us. They simply sit on frozen snow and wait for the feeder to appear. And when it does, there is such a massive flocking that even Alfred Hitchcock would be impressed. And the birds standing on the ice-covered birdbath reminds me of Woodstock ice skating on his little birdbath. 

BTW, I just received an alert from Atmos Gas: “please conserve your gas usage.” Are they kidding? With no power there is no way to turn on the heater, even if it is gas. Running out of hot water because there is no power to run the gas water heater. 

Well, if this doesn’t prove that Texas is now Siberia, nothing does. Sadly, I must close for now because my computer is running low on battery and I need it to charge my cell phone. Oh duh…I can’t post this anyway—no internet!!

Toodles for now.