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Diane Klutz – Bio …

I am Diane Louise (Mumper) Klutz. I have survived six decades so far and, if my daughter has anything to do with it, plan to go for at least three more. Born and raised in rural Southwestern Pennsylvania, I knew from an early age that I wanted adventure; to experience what the world had to offer. Of course, for a girl living in the sixties that wasn’t easy. Undaunted by my parent’s “No!”, I moved away to attend nursing school; joined the Army Nurse Corps; and then went to Vietnam …

I met my husband (Stephen) in Fort Gordon, Georgia after I returned from Vietnam; he returned two months earlier.  His room was right across the hall from mine and from the moment he said “Howdy,” I knew we were doomed to be together. Our first date ended by being caught skinning dipping in the Officer’s Club Pool-by two MPs. Needless to say, it’s been a roller coaster ride since.

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters, one of which is no longer in this realm, and two terrific grand children. Of course I wouldn’t be an author without a dog (two actually) and a cat.

Diane Klutz
Diane Klutz


‘Martini Alley’

'Martini Alley' by Diane KlutzMartini Alley and Other Swashbuckling Adventures of a Certified Klutz. A comical and light-hearted story of two people and their often-misguided quest for adventure. Besieged by mishaps, the Klutzes face each venture like the swashbucklers of old—head-on with confidence and enthusiasm.

It was spring of 1971 in Fort Gordon, Georgia. Nurse Lieutenant Diane Mumper had recently returned from duty in South Vietnam and was assigned a room in the Bachelor Officer’s Quarters across the hall from Lieutenant Steve Klutz, who had also recently returned. They had little in common except, like many other returnees, they were hell-bent on having a good time and remaining single.

Despite being nabbed by the Military Police for skinny dipping in the Officer’s Club pool and a bar-room brawl in an off-limits pool hall that nearly resulted in injuries, Diane fell in love with the effervescent Klutz, realizing that her life would never be boring.

And she was correct. Soon after marriage, the Klutzes begin their search for the perfect place to live and the perfect life. Building a house in the Colorado Rockies becomes a nightmare as crews escape for the winter, leaving the couple to finish it themselves. Undeterred by past mistakes, they tackle remodeling projects, including a 1920’s home, Bob Villa style and later a home on the Gulf Coast using a less than savory work crew.

Hitting mid-life with gusto, the Klutzes embark on a new adventure—boating. Beginning with tattoos, they discover the agony and ecstasy of yachting within the Red River and later the Texas Gulf waters. Whoever coined the phrase, “Buying a boat was the happiest day in my life second only to selling that boat,” must have been thinking about the Klutzes as they merrily drift from one boating mishap to another.

Thoroughly enjoying being on the water, the Klutzes decided that being in the water would be better, so they jumped into the sport of scuba-diving. Within the emerald waters of the Florida Panhandle, the often-murky waters of Bonaire, and the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, the Klutzes encountered a world of color, beauty, and wonder. However, they also discovered to their dismay that the calmness of fifty feet below the surface could hide choppy waters above. Who knew you could throw up in full diving gear?

Leaving the watery world behind, Steve and Diane’s new adventure took them to the open road aboard a forty-plus foot motor home and much like Lucy and Desi in the “Long, Long Trailer” soon realized that disaster could lurk in the most harmless of places. From busted black water holding tanks to nearly plunging off a cliff in the Colorado Rockies, the Klutzes forged forward with gusto and determination. 

As the end of this eccentric and comic kind of marriage story approaches, there comes the realization that there is no ending. And there can’t be for as long as Steve and Diane have breath, they will continue to dream and scheme about what could be next.

 Language: English

Paperback: 186 Pages
ISBN-10: 1737973901
ISBN-13: 978-1737973904

Size: 6″ x 9″ (Approx 15cm x 23cm)

Price: 14.99

'You Can't Sleep Here' by Diane Klutz

‘You Can’t Sleep Here’

‘You Cant Sleep Here’ is a story of being homeless. It is not a typical homeless tale, however, depicting disheveled men wandering the streets and begging for money. Rather, it concerns the hidden homeless those we see perhaps every day yet never really see.

‘You Cant Sleep Here’ is about mothers who, with their children, abruptly find themselves without a place to stay, a roof over their heads, or a place to sleep. With sheer determination, these women face the unimaginable and, while fighting to survive, discover their inner strengths and the power of friendship.

Diane’s awareness of homelessness and incarcerated men and women began as a volunteer in a small health clinic within a homeless shelter in Wichita Falls, TX and continued in a community based soup kitchen in Denton, TX. As a nurse practitioner, she provided health care to indigent families in addition to caring for male and female inmates within the county jail.

Language: English

Paperback: 148 Pages
ISBN-10: 1543477666
ISBN-13: 978-1543477665

Hardback: 148 Pages
ISBN-10: 1543477658
ISBN-13: 978-1543477658

Size: 6″ x 9″ (Approx 15cm x 23cm)

Price: 19.00

'Round Eyes' by Diane Klutz

‘Round Eyes – An American Nurse in Vietnam’

The year was 1969 — Woodstock, free love, peace marches and war. Life was unpredictable at best, but that didn’t stop twenty-year-old Diane Mumper from going after her dream of adventure. She envisioned herself as Cherry Aimes, Army Nurse and watched the movie Mash till memorized. Soon to graduate from nursing school, she joined the Army Nurse Corps, and six months later she began her own journey. Often comical and frequently cynical, Diane’s stories describe her experiences from basic training through duty in one of the most deadly war zones in South Vietnam. Along the way, she faces a truth about herself and the war far different than she ever expected.

Language: English

Paperback: 184 Pages

ISBN-10: 1543951376
ISBN-13: 978-1543951370

Size: 6″ x 9″ (Approx 15cm x 23cm)

Price: 14.99


Howard Fox Podcast:
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The Howard Fox “Success InSight” Podcast is a well-established platform boasting hundreds of in-depth podcasts on a wide variety of subjects.

Here, Howard interviews Diane about her life experiences and the substance of her work.

Diane Klutz : Stem Radio Interview

All About STEM Radio
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The All About STEM Radio Show hosted by Dr. Mary Payton interviews Diane Klutz.


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