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Diane Klutz – Bio …

I am Diane Louise (Mumper) Klutz. I have survived six decades so far and, if my daughter has anything to do with it, plan to go for at least three more. Born and raised in rural Southwestern Pennsylvania, I knew from an early age that I wanted adventure; to experience what the world had to offer. Of course, for a girl living in the sixties that wasn’t easy. Undaunted by my parent’s “No!”, I moved away to attend nursing school; joined the Army Nurse Corps; and then went to Vietnam …

Diane Klutz
Diane Klutz


'Your Can't Sleep Here' by Diane Klutz
‘You Can’t Sleep Here’

‘You Can’t Sleep Here’

‘You Cant Sleep Here’ is a story of being homeless. It is not a typical homeless tale, however, depicting disheveled men wandering the streets and begging for money. Rather, it concerns the hidden homeless those we see perhaps every day yet never really see.

‘You Cant Sleep Here’ is about mothers who, with their children, abruptly find themselves without a place to stay, a roof over their heads, or a place to sleep. With sheer determination, these women face the unimaginable and, while fighting to survive, discover their inner strengths and the power of friendship.

'Round Eyes' by Diane Klutz
‘Round Eyes’

‘Round Eyes – An American Nurse in Vienam’

The year was 1969 — Woodstock, free love, peace marches and war. Life was unpredictable at best, but that didn’t stop twenty-year-old Diane Mumper from going after her dream of adventure. She envisioned herself as Cherry Aimes, Army Nurse and watched the movie Mash till memorized. Soon to graduate from nursing school, she joined the Army Nurse Corps, and six months later she …



Howard Fox Podcast:
Listen, here.

The Howard Fox “Success InSight” Podcast is a well-established platform boasting hundreds of in-depth podcasts on a wide variety of subjects.

Here, Howard interviews Diane about her life experiences and the substance of her work.

Diane Klutz : Stem Radio Interview

All About STEM Radio
Listen, here.

The All About STEM Radio Show hosted by Dr. Mary Payton interviews Diane Klutz.


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