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Diane Klutz

Writer : Author : Speaker

About Diane

Diane Klutz

Diane Klutz – Writer : Author : Speaker

I am Diane Louise (Mumper) Klutz. I have survived six decades so far and, if my daughter has anything to do with it, plan to go for at least three more. Born and raised in rural Southwestern Pennsylvania, I knew from an early age that I wanted adventure; to experience what the world had to offer. Of course, for a girl living in the sixties that wasn’t easy. Undaunted by my parent’s “No!”, I moved away to attend nursing school; joined the Army Nurse Corps; and then went to Vietnam.

I met my husband (Stephen) in Fort Gordon, Georgia after I returned from Vietnam; he returned two months earlier. His room was right across the hall from mine and from the moment he said “Howdy,” I knew we were doomed to be together. Our first date ended by being caught skinning dipping in the Officer’s Club Pool-by two MPs. Needless to say, it’s been a roller coaster ride since.

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters, one of which is no longer in this realm, and two terrific grand children. Of course I wouldn’t be an author without a dog (two actually) and a cat

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